Immerse yourself in a personalised tasting experience with our exclusive private sommelier.
Wine tastings with Oleksandra Minenko-Decamp, a certified sommelier with a WSET diploma. With expertise in oenology and wine tourism, she guides guests through unforgettable tasting experiences, drawing from her experience as a competition judge and ambassador for Climats du vignoble de Bourgogne Patrimoine UNESCO.
Private Tastings
Immerse yourself in an intimate and personalised tasting experience of world-renowned wines, as well as other carefully selected spirits. Oleksandra Minenko-Decamp, a professional sommelier, will guide you through this exclusive sensory journey, exploring the distinctive flavours of France, Spain, Portugal, the United States, Moldova, Georgia and more.
Corporate Tastings
Elevate your corporate events with premium wine and spirits tastings led by a certified sommelier. From exquisite wines to select distillates, our corporate tastings offer a unique team building and networking experience, perfect for impressing clients, partners and colleagues.
Winery Visits
Embark on an unforgettable journey through France's most iconic vineyards, from renowned wineries to charming local vineyards. Led by Oleksandra Minenko-Decamp, this experience immerses you in the cultural and oenological richness of France. Discover the secrets of the country's most famous wineries, while exploring the most authentic and picturesque corners of the French wine region.
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